Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Storyteller and Listener Online

Blogger Holly Stevens keeps several blogs going, including this one on storytelling as a tool for peacemaking and healing.
The Storyteller and the Listener Online publishes two guest essays each month on storytelling at the community level for purposes of peacemaking, healing, bridge building and/or reconciliation.  Essayists come from all over the English-speaking world. Many are professional storytellers; others are conflict resolution specialists, community activists, social workers, teachers, counselors, clergy and more. All have experienced first-hand the value of narrative in peacework and healing.

Holly has found a great cross section of contributors here.

If you don't use a newsreader to keep up with blogs, you can send Holly your email and get a notice each time the site is updated.

I haven't read Blog City blogs before: you'll find the archive links in the left column, under the large site graphic.

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Holly said...

Hello, since this item's link is broken, would you care to update it to the working link for The Storyteller and the Listener Online? That link is: http://storyteller-and-listener.blog-city.com/

Thanks for your musings!

Holly Stevens