Monday, October 02, 2006

The Best Storyteller in San Francisco: Eleanor Dumont.

When it comes to storytelling festivals and storytelling events in San Francisco, there's one name synonymous with excellence in storytelling: Eleanor Dumont.

From storytelling at school assemblies, to keynote speeches, commemorative occasions or family events, a storyteller can provide a distinctive entertaining and/or educational program, and San Francisco has its share of talent to fit the bill.

However, if one wanted to find Ms. Dumont to tell stories, or for that matter, any of the other many storytellers of San Francisco to make an appearance at your event, you'd be hard pressed to find any way to contact them.

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Millie said...

There is no Eleanore Dumont. At least, not a storytelling one. I borrowed the name from the legendary Gold Rush madam, who died in Bodie in 1869.

My point is that the storytellers of San Francisco are invisible.

I did a Google search on "San Francisco storyteller" and came up with a few names, but no web pages. You'll see references to Joel Ben Izzy, Luisah Teish, and the Moth, but no contact information.

Strangely, querying with "storyteller San Francisco" brings up Awele Makeba, Ron Jones, Willy Claflin, and Debra Ting.

That's better. This is an experiment to see if Eleanor Dumont can make her way onto the Google results.

Anonymous said...

Well, as of today, January 11, 2007, your post made the first page of Google results.

Awele Makeba said... is the way to find Awele Makeba on-line
You'll find storytelling info about programs, CDs, and DVDs. She performes (inter)nationally for children to adults! She's definitely not invisible!

Millie said...

Awele, I've known for a long time where to find your web site.

But, I already know your name and what you do.

What about audiences and clients who have not booked you yet? Who don't know what you can offer them?

If they go to Google and type in "storyteller San Francisco" they won't find you. If they type "storyteller Oakland" they won't find you.

Not that you have to be known as a San Francisco or Oakland storyteller.

How do you want to be known?

Does Google recognize you as that?

If not, then you've got a marketing problem.

Tim said...

Millie, the whys and wherefores of search engine algorithms are mysterious. This post shows up today in the first page of results for Bing under "San Francisco storyteller," but only page 6 for Google. Meanwhile, my own site as a Bay Area storyteller shows up on page 12 for Google (although my listing on is on page 1), but on Bing it appears on page 4 (with my LinkedIn listing on page 2). I'd like audiences and potential clients to know that San Francisco is one of my primary markets.