Monday, July 31, 2006

Storytelling on YouTube

According to today's Guardian, YouTube is sending out 100 million videos a day to Web viewers. Fully 3.9% of everything zipping around the Web are videos from YouTube, making it the most popular site on the internet.

I'm not a fan of internet video. It's too small, and too blurry. And storytelling doesn't translate well to video in the first place.

But storyteller Tim Ereneta has created a place on YouTube to showcase The Ancient Art of Storytelling. He's found folktales, footage of traditional tellers in Asia, a few contemporary practicing storytellers, and some spooky stories from around the campfire.

Some of the campfire stories are really dark.

Not scary and morbid dark: I mean literally, it's like watching black rectangle for three minutes.


Jim Chu said...

YouTube's clip culture is not about storytelling. Almost surprised you could find something that's story-rich versus action-focused.

Other companies have done a better job creating a platform for telling stories, much more like professional film. Check out on a system called Dovetail TV. They offer professionally made content distrubuted online

Sean said...

Yes, but it's not always about professionally distributed content, it is about content that goes where the people are. They go to and are YouTube. I have posted better copies of my videos on my personal site at for some clearer pics.

Storytelling needs to move out of the library storytimes and the fancy festival and into people's lives, online or otherwise.


Tim said...

Jim, you're missing the point. Millie isn't interested in cinema, or high quality television. Did you even look at any other posts?

She's talking about oral storytelling... and Dovetail doesn't have ANY content, professional or amateur, in that arena.... as far as I can tell. The technical requirements for viewing content on that site are beyond the capability of my new Mac or my older Windows machine.