Friday, May 26, 2006


Sean Buvala at has finally got around to creating a podcast... and this is one the storytelling community will take a liking to.

In addition to stories, he's got reviews and tips. But the stories: he features not just himself, but seveal tellers, so each broadcast you get to hear a couple of storytellers.

Let's hope he keeps it up... and that he figures out a way to improve the sound quality from the live performance venue. The in-studio pieces have so much better quality, it makes the stories less appealing than the non-story parts!


Sean said...

Thank you! I am glad you noticed the Podcasts. We took July and August off from the Podcasts, but we'll be back in September. Some of the live things you are hearing are the ambient sounds of the live events at the Borders store where we do our community telling, so....we actually added a live wireless feed to the video camera this last time around so you may hear some improvements. Also, have you checked out the new stuff we're doing at ? Thanks!!


Sean said...

Our latest Podcast for September is up and playing. Run by the site for more Thanks!