Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Story Consulting

School assemblies are difficult. They're unpredictable in that you have a number of variables out of your control, from student behavior to forgetful PTA parents to cranky front office staff... but... school assemblies are the bread and butter of most storytellers. It's where the money is...

Unless, of course, you can speak the language of business. There's a whole subset of "knowledge management" called storytelling, although it's got as much in common with getting up and telling stories as butterfly collections have to do with pollination.

Joel Ben Izzy, travelling storyteller, is a storytelling storyteller. He's found a way to move beyond school assemblies without an MBA or a PhD in organizational development. (Thank goodness!)

He's still telling stories, he just happens to find his audiences in corporations: Check out this article from his web site:
Click on the SV Magazine link to get the PDF file.


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