Monday, March 10, 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Lived in Alabama

Not all the time. Mostly only when I hear Kathryn Tucker Windham tell stories.

Now I just learned that the Birmingham Museum of Art is hosting a retrospective of her work-- not her storytelling, mind you, but 50 years of black and white photographs, including some taken with her first Brownie, purchased in 1930. Most, I gather, were taken during her career as a journalist. Most depict small town life in Alabama from the Depression through the Civil Rights era. I suspect, given Kathyrn's eye for detail in her storytelling, and her career that took her across the state, that she captured some wonderful images on film. Wish I could see them.

If by some chance, you're passing through Alabama before May 25, stop by the exhibit, and let me know what you thought.